About Rhetoric


We think you should ask more of your coffee supplier and we deliver on it.

We think you can pay people more by sharing profits, and give employees a better place to work by giving them a say in how things happen at the business.

We pick fantastic coffee (and) support farmer's better through direct trade.

We support graphic artists by selling roasted coffee, paying them for their art and still letting them have the right to use their own art.

We ship coffee without increasing plastic waste in our oceans.

We believe you can be a good person and run a for profit company that embraces feminism, humanism, and empowerment.

We use compostable bags and hand-screen print all our own bags.

Rhetoric Unique Batch


Whole bean coffee is within its prime from 3 - 17 days after roast, which is a perfect two week shipping window. We send your next batch just as you're finishing the last. So you never run out or have to think about it again!

Our undivided attention to every single batch of beans means we control the variables, resulting in very special, extremely delicious coffee.

It allows us to experiment with methods of roasting and blending like melange (mixing multiple roast levels; combining light, medium, and dark all at once!), which gives us wonderfully complex flavors you won't find anywhere else.