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Complex, hand-roasted,
Mind-blowing Coffee
Delivered every two weeks!

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A Unique Batch Every 2 Weeks

Whole coffee beans remain fresh for about 2 weeks, and we'll send your next batch just as you're finishing the last.

Our undivided attention to a single batch of beans means we control every variable, resulting in very special, extremely delicious coffee.

It allows us to experiment with methods of roasting like melange (mixing multiple roast levels; combining light, medium, and dark all at once!), which gives us wonderfully complex flavors you won't find anywhere else.

It's More Than Just Coffee

Each shipment includes our latest roast; an original, commissioned piece of art hand-screen printed on the bag; coffee tasting notes; and our thanks and love.

We've partnered with comic book artists and illustrators to regularly produce artwork for our batches of coffee. Your purchase supports them and our families.

Subscriptions & Pricing

Get a unique batch of coffee delivered to your door every two weeks. Check the roast counter to see when the next roast will be complete!

Shipping costs included
(United States only)
Delivered every 2 weeks
Update or cancel anytime

Small Bag

8 oz

About 8-12 cups of coffee.

Billed every two weeks

Medium Bag

12 oz

About 14-18 cups of coffee.

Billed every two weeks

Large Bag

16 oz

About 20-24 cups of coffee.

Billed every two weeks

5 lb Bag

80 oz

About 100-120 cups of coffee.

Billed every two weeks

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